A9 Flat smart toilet

E-Shion Smart Toilet


Over the years we’ve been expecting a new smart toilet, which have more powerful
flushing cistern, slimmer body design and more elegant features.

Today we Bacera proud to announce a brand new technology system E-shion has made this
dream come true, with E-Shion A9 Smart Toilet Bowl, you can experience a new standard of personal hygiene, more comfortable, hygienic bathroom experiences.


No Extra Water Tank

save energy and resource


Technology of E-shion Smart Toilet free from traditional water tank, with superb engineering the water tank is concealed below seat level.

With this particular streamlined design incorporates rimless technology, not only giving bacteria no chance to flourish, it also give you more control on hygience maintenance.

Minerva wc10005 black color one piece wc w ornado Flush

Extra Stable Flushing System


Integrate ordinary separate fill and flush valve into one system, mechanical operation not subject to external influence. Main flushing function not subject to water pressure, even in extreme situations it works well.

When the system equipped in super-spin washing toilet its washing function well fulfilled at static water pressure 0.08MPa. This system is also applicable to bidet seat cover and functions at zero water pressure only by adding a pump.

Extra Slim Seat Cover

60mm only

E-shion , seat & cover height only 60mm, present you a real slim smart toilet, total height of seat & cover is only 60mm.

Widened Heating Seat Cover

make toilet as comfortable as sofa


in design of the seat cover, E-shion fully consider the characteristics of the elderly, children, men, and women.

Widen the seat to make the seat more even and comfortable to sit. The temperature
controlled seat cover is not cold in winter and not hot in summer. The toilet is as comfortable as a sofa

Light‐Sensitive Night Light


The Light‐sensitive night light can intelligently sense the light intensity. When it’s dark, the night light will automatically automatically turn on to give you the deepest companionship in the night.

Seat Cover Controlled Flushing


E-shion A9 Smart Toilet will auto flush when the seat cover is closed, convenient and hygienic without touching anything.

Multiple cleaning modes


E-shion A9 equipped with multi-direction, multi-mode cleaning, providing you with a variety of healthy and comfortable cleaning experience.

Relieve sticky and uncomfortable feeling in menstrual period. Relive wipe difficulty, constipation trouble. Meeting a variety of cleaning needs cleaning needs.

E-Shion A9 Smart Toilet Remote Control Functions

E-Shion A9 Smart Toilet Technical Specification

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