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Instant Water Heater

  • Price quoted for water heater installation is for replacement only. That means you already have an existing water heater, and we replace your existing heater with a new one. If additional works are required for the installation for your heater, you will be quoted on site by the installer prior to commencement of works

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IM-9 Series

Bold design, powerful performance

Following on from the previous version’s matte finishing, the IM-9 now comes in sparkling misty silver and metal black. These effortlessly chic colours perfectly accentuate its distinctive profile and new hyper-reflective lining.

Then, once you step into the shower, you will be delighted by its surprisingly powerful performance, the result of Alpha’s renowned pump. The IM-9 makes every shower refreshing impressive.

Flow Switch System
the heater only operates when there is sufficient water flow.
Cuts off current flow if there is a risk of any current leakage.
Thermal Cut-out –
Auto Reset prevents overheating at 55°C
Nylon Glass Fibre Internal Construction
A strong & durable non-conductive material for further insulation against electric shock.
Splash-proof IP25 Standard –
protection against water seeping into the heater’s internal mechanism.
Electronic Temperature Control –
Shower temperature can be selected according to personal preference.
Technical Specification
Electrical Rating
Minimum Water Flow Rate
3 liters/minute
Minimum Pressure
20kPa (0.2 bar / 2.9 psi)
Maximum Pressure
0.3 MPa (3 bar / 43.5psi)
Heater Dimension
213 (W) X 406 (L) X 86mm (H)
Nett Weight
*Specifications and products shown are correct at the time of printing and may subject to change without prior notice.

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