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About This Product


• German thermostatic cartridge
• Anti-scald safe stop button
• Push button cartridge with adjustable flow rate adjustable, life cycle ≥ 300,000 times
• Plastic body with cool touch design, no risk of scalding on the body
• Designed with a shelf space for storage function
• Side Hook on both side, as a shower accessories and drain the water on the top of Casting brass spout, rotate to divert the water to hand shower and spout
• 3-functions Rain Click hand shower, instinctive button for switching between spray modes
• PVC Silver twist-free shower hose
• Easy glide shower holder
• 307*189 rectangle head shower, with air-in function
• Flow rate @ 0.1MPa: 4.3L/M for hand shower
• Flow rate @ 0.1MPa: 6 L/M for shower head
• Flow rate @ 0.1MPa: 12 L/M for Spout


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