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1680 x 800 x 570mm

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Cast Stone Bathtub BTS95

Elevate Your Bath with a Cast Stone Bathtub: Luxury Soaking Made Real

Bring the spa experience home with a cast stone bathtub. These exquisite tubs, crafted from a unique blend of stone and resin, offer unparalleled beauty, durability, and comfort, transforming your bathroom into a tranquil oasis. Unlike traditional tubs, cast stone bathtubs boast a rich, natural aesthetic that complements any bathroom design. Choose from a variety of elegant shapes, from classic clawfoot to modern freestanding, to find the perfect centerpiece for your space.

Cast stone’s exceptional strength ensures your bathtub remains resistant to scratches, chips, and fading for years to come. The smooth, non-porous surface is easy to clean, requiring only a simple wipe down to maintain its radiant beauty.


Bathtub Type: Free Standing

Size: 1680 x 800 x 570mm

What is Cast Stone

Cast stone is crafted from a selected blend of resins and advance polymers, mainly 40% pure acrylic resin (MMA), 55% natural mineral (ATH: Alumina Trihydrate) and 5% colour pigment. The exclusive polymeric composition bestow superior resistance to harsh chemicals and staining, while offering ease of care and maintenance

How to clean:
Regular cleaning with common non abrasive cleaning agents will secure a long lasting surface quality. Light cleaning materials such as laundry detergent will suffice to clean the product

  • Advantages of cast stone
  • The material is resistant to deterioration. It does not crack, flex or show any surface defect over time.
  • Minor damages due to mishandling can be easily repaired by using sandpaper.
    Solid surface is 100% non porous. This secures a long product life and a smooth appearance for many years

Eco-Friendly Material

Cast stone is new generation of eco-friendly sanitary ware products, made of solid surface material produced using innovative technology. The exclusive polymeric composition bestow superior resistance to harsh chemicals and staining

Unique Molding Technology

Because of cast stone’s special material combined with unique molding technology, we can produce different kinds of shapes and design which cannot be done by traditional bathtub materials. You can be sure to find the unique bathtub that suits your bathroom design.

Color Options & Finish

Cast stone can be made in a myriad of colors, the more popular being black and grey , and can be glossy or matt (matt being the more popular option for easy reparability). One can be really adventurous and flamboyant with colors (unique colors are subject to a minimum order volume). This gives one the freedom to impart a unique style,  personality, and charm to your bathroom.

Durable and Easy to Repair

Thanks to the solid surface material and unique molding technology, cast stone bathtubs are easy to repair and very durable. Surface scratches on MATTE FINISH bathtubs are simply rectified by sanding. How amazing is that?


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