$ 620.60 w/GST

48″ Ceiling Fan


Material and manufacturing strategies
Ceiling fans traditionally use flat sheets of wood or fibre board for blades. These are generally non-recyclable and require some sort of surface finishing such as veneer or paint. The Fanaway blades are injection molded from recyclable plastic that does not require surface finishes and is not limited to being flat, allowing for the complex curves required for the blades to overlap on each other when in the closed position at the same time, providing an aerodynamic cross section to provide greater air flow.

The mechanism that controls the function of the blades is designed to be static while the fan is spinning. The toothed gears only move marginally in the opening or closing process & the plastic materials selected for these parts are highly resistant to wear lasting for many thousands of operations.

The blades are designed to overlap and rest on each other when not in use. This eliminates any stress on the joins reducing the risk of material fatigue or failure.

Application of sustainable resources and principles
Most of the parts in Fanaway are made from recyclable materials, the blades are made from plastics, the down rod, upper dome and mechanism base are made of metal and the light dome is made from plastic.
The Fanaway blades are designed to use less energy to provide more airflow at a low cost. This increasingly efficient design makes Fanaway a more attractive solution to cooling a room, further reducing the need for power hungry air conditioning.

How to clean the Fanaway Fan
It’s very easy to clean the blades of the Fanaway fan, simply pull the blades out when the fan is turned off. You need to hold onto two blades and slowly pull them out in the same direction that the blades would usually open, the mechanism is fairly tight so you need to use a bit of pressure to pull them out. Make sure you pull both two blades at the same time as pulling one could cause damage as the pressure is too much over the 1 blade. Once you have them out you can wipe them down with warm soapy water or Windex on a cloth.

The fanaway uses a T5 florescent light, with an option of warm white, and cool white.





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