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ON8620 top mounted inset granite sink


Thanks to Ultrametal material, now it’s possible to coordinate the sink to the other stainless steel kitchen appliances. The metallescent particles, present in the compound together with quartz and granite crystals, create a metallic finish in the sink surfaces. Cool colors, satin surfaces and a metallic effect make Ultrametal sinks particularly suitable for modern settings and for combinations with stainless steel appliances, often present in the kitchen. An Ultrametal sink is easy to clean, very hygienic and is very resistant to scratches, chemical agents, heat and high temperatures. ULTRAMETAL sinks are guaranteed for 10 years.


We incorporated titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2) in our composite material sinks.




Titanium dioxide exposed to natural or artificial light is “activated”, triggering a phenomenon called photocatalysis able to transform pollutant substances, often found in the environment, into harmless mineral salts.

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles are able to exploit light to make chemical reactions occur in the other molecules that are nearby (photocatalysis): when light hits the Titanium Dioxide particle, it causes the formation of “hydroxyl radicals” on its surface. The radicals have a very strong oxidizing power. This means that bacteria, viruses, fungi and polluting molecules, coming into contact with the radicals, start to oxidize and degrade into harmless mineral salts. It is also important to know that the radicals have a very short half-life (about 10−9 seconds) and for this reason they are not dangerous for humans.

Natural or
artificial light

Titanium dioxide

Hydroxyl radicals

Bacteria, viruses,
fungi and polluting


The cooking processes generate smokes and greasy vapors. Cigarette smoke, fine dust coming from outside or from heating and cooling systems spread easily in the domestic environment.

The photocatalysis that occurs on the sink by means of titanium dioxide nanoparticles is able to destroy the polluting molecules.

One square meter of ARIAPURA surface (approximately the surface of a sink) is able to remove 90% of the pollution contained in 80 m³ of air in just 1 hour.The average volume of a kitchen is about 50 m³. In short, ARIAPURA exerts the same purifying action of a tree in the kitchen.


The sink is often used as a food preparation area. By coming into contact with foodstuffs that end up on the table, a sink can transmit bacterial infections. ARIAPURA reduces this risk, bringing security to the whole family. The anti-bacterial action exerted by ARIAPURA also leads to a significant reduction of odors on the sink itself, in the sink cabinet, where the organic waste bin is often stored, and in the surrounding air, making the kitchen environment more fresh and healthy. Unpleasant odors that sometimes form in the sink can be caused by bacteria that thrive in hot-humid conditions.


The antibacterial action, together with normal cleaning and hygiene practices, inhibits bacterial growth and keeps the sink fresher and cleaner between uses. The antibacterial action exerted by ARIAPURA is not a surface coating of the sink, but is an effect of the action of the nanoparticles incorporated in the entire mass of the product, for this reason:

• It does not reduce its action with washes and does not end with time.
• It remains active even in case of wear and scratch of the surfaces.
• It is safe, durable, effective.


ARIAPURA creates a thin film of water on the entire surface of the sink.

The drops of water that come into contact with the sink tend to flatten and slip away more easily.

Dragging away dirt and debris that can not settle.

The titanium dioxide nanoparticles incorporated in the material, attract water molecules, forming a thin and invisible film on the entire surface of the sink. In this way, the drops of water coming into contact with the sink tend to flatten out and slide off more easily, eliminating the deposit of residues on the surface. The sink, coming into contact with foods that end up on the table, could hold dirt. Plados-Telma sinks, the only ones equipped with ARIAPURA technology, have a greater resistance to dirt and stains, making them easier to clean. An ARIAPURA sink is repellent to dirt. On the surfaces the unattractive limestone deposits are no longer formed. The sink is thus easier to clean and this reduces the use of detergents and makes the Plados sink eco-friendly. As in the other cases, the self-cleaning action is an effect of the titanium dioxide nanoparticles incorporated in the entire mass of the sink. For this reason, it does not reduce its effectiveness with the following washes, nor does it run out over time.


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