$ 2,550.00 w/GST



VBS 630

Price:  $2550 nett (include GST). Price includes basic installation

Shinoe Purification Series-FRESCO
Shinoe Fresco Series VB600 is uniquely designed to clean indoor air which consist of carbon filter, UV light, Catalyst filter and STI Ionizer work as a system to reduce odor, disinfect the air, remove formaldehyde, benzene and VOCs Operating efficiently overhead.The Shinoe Fresco Series VB-600 handles the air filtration needs of larger areas such as home living area, praying area, bedroom, hotel room, washroom, office, and entertainment area. A two-speed fan switch lets you increase or decrease the amount of delivered air to match the level of indoor air pollutants. A wireless remote control makes changing speeds even easier. Thanks to the improved and compact designed, the Shinoe Fresco VB-600 is ceiling mounted cassette type units which require no ducting. The louvers unique design creates an effective air flow pattern providing a highly efficient and cleaner air circulation throughout the entire environments. The louvers are removable for easy cleaning and providing an easy access to the internal part for maintenance purpose..

Recommended for mid-sized indoor spaces like meeting rooms, general office area, living or dining hall, bedrooms, office pantry, childcare centres, clinic waiting rooms



  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce infectious disease
  • Reduce mold, airborne allegerns, bacteria, germs
  • Remove odors, VOC and smoke
  • ​Improve air system efficiency
  • Low cost operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe and effective
  • Chemical free disinfection
  •  A solid state power supply for consistent voltage output
  • Lower power consumption at max 50W
  • A built-in performance indication lights (green/red) to ensure the continuous functionality of the system and low noise operation at max 40db.


Dimension 600x300x182mm (outer)
560x260x182mm (inner)
Filter Shinoe Filtration System and Activated Carbon Filter
UVC Hot Cathode UV Lamp
Ion Generator STI 50 Mpcs/cm3
CFM (High/Low) 142/106
Indication Lights Green (normal), Red (faulty)
Noise Level (High/Low) 40/25.5 dB
Power 50W
Voltage 220V
Weight 8.25kg
Installation Ceiling Mounted / Hanging
Application Living Room, Praying Room, Bedroom, Office and etc

Price:  $2550 nett (include GST). Price includes basic installation


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