$ 819.00 w/GST



VF 90

Price:  $819 nett (include GST). Price includes basic installation

Shinoe Purification Series-Aseo
A unique design that combines application of Air Purification, sterilization and sanitation remove up to 98% of smoke, dust, mist, malodor, bacteria, and mold spores which significantly eliminates the needs of cleaning and reduce redecorating cost.

Recommended for smaller indoor spaces like doctor consultation rooms, dentist treatment rooms, managers’ office rooms, smaller bedrooms, bath rooms



  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce infectious disease
  • Reduce mold, airborne allegerns, bacteria, germs
  • Remove odors, VOC and smoke
  • ​Improve air system efficiency
  • Low cost operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe and effective
  • Chemical free disinfection


Dimension 173x173x170mm (outer)
160x160x170mm (inner)
175x175mm (return grille)
Filter Shinoe Filtration System
UVC CCFL Quartz Glass
Ion Generator STI 50 Mpcs/cm3
CFM 90
Noise Level <48 db
Power 21W
Voltage 240V
Duct Size 100mm (4”)
Weight 1.8 kg
Installation Ceiling Mounted
Application Bathroom

Price:  $819 nett (include GST). Price includes basic installation


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