Bathtubs in Singapore



Freestanding Bathtubs

These tubs offer ease of installation since they are portable. Moving to a new place? Take it with you. Free standing bathtubs are mainly made of acrylic and rein-enforced by fiberglass. Bacera carries a myriad range of various shapes and sizes, a free standing bathtub is surely waiting for you in our listings.


Built in Bathtub

Surrounded by a built up area, they blend seamlessly into the bathroom setting


Outdoor Spas

Pure luxury & therapeutic too. Spas dilate our blood vessels improving blood circulation. Put them in the backyard, relax your body and bask in the surroundings

Cast stone bathtubs

Cast Stone Bathtubs

Cast Stone bathtubs have gained much popularity among 5 star hotels such as Hilton, Banyan Tree, and Hyatt for the ease for which it can be restored to it’s original state and for it’s unrivaled durability in comparison to other bathtub materials


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