Turn an everyday ritual into a shower experience with award-winning Satinjet technology from Methven.

Unlike conventional showers, Satinjet® uses unique twin-jet technology to create optimum water droplet size and pressure, with over 300,000 droplets per second. The result is an immersive, full-body shower sensation that transforms your regular shower into an experience like no other.

And because we know everyone has their own idea of the perfect shower, Methven has crafted a range of Satinjet® showers you can match to your individual needs – from gentle and enveloping to powerful and invigorating.










Less Water, Better Showers

See the SATINJET in Action now!



While all Satinjet showers are designed to operate on all pressure installations, some are optimized to perform better than others on unequal and low pressures such as the WAIPORI and KIRI. For the ultimate satinjet experience, go for KOHA


Ultimate Luxury

The KOHA presents the most luxurious shower experience. With a diamter of 135mm, the KOHA gives your body greater coverage than all the other satinjet showers.  

$212.93 with tax


For unequal pressure

The Waipori collection is designed for unequal pressure and features a good balance between force and coverage.

$105.93 with tax



For low & unequal pressure

The Kiri collection has good coverage and larger droplets for low & unequal pressure situations.

$95.23 with tax



For low  pressure

The Kiri low flow is widely regarded to be the best low flow shower in the world with a WELS 3 star rating, performing well even at flow rates of 5L/min

$95.23 with tax


Overhead Drenchers

Enjoy a full immersive SATINJET experience with these overhead showers. Easily replaceable with any existing shower heads


Suitable for all modern settings, 230mm of immersive satinjet experience

$631.30 with tax


Switch to a better shower experience with the KIRI overhead drencher

$631.30 with tax


Flush mounted with the ceiling. Ideal for the minimalist decor

$738.30 with tax

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