Born of the Pursuit of Shower Perfection


Introducing Aurajet™. Our most advanced, most invigorating shower experience ever. Invisible nozzles generate individual jets of water that collide against precisely angled surfaces hidden within the contours of the unique halo-shaped showerhead, generating 300,000 drops of water per second enveloping you in a symphony of showering pleasure.


The result is a stunning fan of luxuriously dense droplets that delivers a highly efficient shower with 20% more spray force and twice the amount of water contact on your skin than a conventional shower. All this adds up to an enveloping warmth that has to be felt to be believed, and a heavenly experience that puts you in a great space, every time you shower.


Looks amazing, feels divine.


See what it’s look to be caressed by 300,000 droplets of water per second !

Experience the sensation !

Aurajet Family

Pick one of many ways to enjoy the AURAJET sensation


Aurajet Shower Column

$2138.93 with tax


Aurajet overhead drencher

$854.93 with tax


Aurajet overhead drencher

$255.73 with tax


Aurajet sliding rail set

$799.00 with tax

Methven produces amazing shower experiences for all pressure systems. Consider these other showers from the SATINJET collection if you have a low flow rate. The KIRI low flow works very well even on low flow rates of 5 litres/min.


Ultimate Luxury


The KOHA presents the most luxurious shower experience. With a diamter of 135mm, the KOHA gives your body greater coverage than all the other satinjet showers.  

$212.93 with tax


For unequal pressure


The Waipori collection is designed for unequal pressure and features a good balance between force and coverage.

$105.93 with tax


For low & unequal pressure


The Kiri collection has good coverage and larger droplets for low & unequal pressure situations.

$95.23 with tax


For low pressure


The Kiri low flow is widely regarded to be the best low flow shower in the world with a WELS 3 star rating, performing well even at flow rates of 5L/min

$95.23 with tax

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