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1000 x 500 x 230mm

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Rubine inset granite sink

Size: 1000 x 500 x 230mm

METEOR series

the latest collection of granite sinks by Rubine. Granite sink is made from natural granite, acrylic resin and manufactured through an
exclusive technological system that helps in increasing the durability & hardness of the sink.

Product features:

Guarantee high quality of granite sinks
* Ceramization process is a specific colouring process of the granite particle. The colouring is not only on the surface but in the entire mass of the particle through a firing process of 700˚C which allows penetrating into the particular nucleus. This will helps in resistance against whitening.
* High resistance against thermal shock
* High resistance against scratches
* 40% lesser water absorption and enhance the resistance to bleaching

Antibacterial protection

* Granite material has an antibacterial protection which has an adequate antibacterial coverage of the mass. The mass enriched with silver ions that inhibit the growth of bacteria


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